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Medical Negligence
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Medical Negligence 


If you are suffering because of an error by a doctor, surgeon or healthcare professional, you may be a victim of medical negligence. This essentially occurs when a medical professional fails their duty of
care owed to the patient and/or when the medical t
reatment falls below the acceptable standard.  Medical negligence claims are very complex and it is always advisable that legal advice be sought
as soon as possible. 


Some types of common medical negligence claims include the following:


  • Surgical Errors

  • Medical Misdiagnosis

  • Delayed Diagnosis / Treatment

  • Incorrect Treatment

  • Defective Medical Implants / Devices

  • Birth Injuries

  • Pregnancy and Gynaecological Injuries

  • Cosmetic Surgery Claims

  • Dental Injuries

  • Physiotherapist / Chiropractor Claims

  • Informed Consent Issues

  • Prescription Errors